Nature-Tripping in America

There is a never ending hunt for new places to go to especially that summer is coming near. People always look for undiscovered sites just to break away from the overcrowded places of popular tourist destinations. Luckily, America has so much to offer when you want to go nature-tripping.

Be it pristine beaches, picturesque mountainsides, or clear lakes and rivers, there is still many places in America where one can enjoy his holidays. To help you decide on which places you could visit on your next trip, here are some articles that might give you an idea on where to go next.

Alexia Wulff of compiled some of the most luxurious places you can visit if you’re on a holiday.

The Most Luxurious Nature Getaway In The US

Swapping the hustle and bustle of city life for natural surroundings doesn’t have to be a weekend sleeping in the dirt. Boutique hotels across the US are springing up in some of the nation’s most stunning and remote regions, so forget the hefty camping gear and menial accommodations. Here are the most luxurious nature getaways in America.

Post Ranch Inn
Nestled 1,200 feet above Big Sur, Post Ranch Inn is a cliffside ranch-style resort offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. There are 40 architecturally designed rooms and suites, each situated along the ridge with views of the ocean or the surrounding mountains. Each room features a fireplace, indoor spa tub, private deck, and stereo, but there’s no TV here; this space is for maximizing relaxation. The resort offers yoga and meditation classes, nature hikes, spa treatments, star gazing, heated infinity pools, and a renowned restaurant, Sierra Mar. For a unique experience, book a Tree House: stilt-elevated rooms that sit nine feet above the ground. See the list here.

Indeed, America boasts of many places if you want a close encounter with nature. You ca be adventurous or just sit back while enjoying the view of these magnificent sites.

Andy Hayes of lists the perfect mountain getaways that you can visit.

Beat the Summer Heat: 9 Great Mountain Getaways in North America

The summer heat can get to even those of us (like me) who revel in a good dousing of sun. If you live in a sunny summer spot, or just like keeping things cool, both Canada and the US offer fantastic mountain town getaways that are terrific to visit in the summer. A bit of altitude can keep temperatures from soaring, and the mountains provide plenty of opportunities for getting outdoors without the hassle of ice and snow. Many of these spots are cheaper in the summer than they are come winter – a value luxury bonus. See the list here. 

See this video for the more of the beautiful locations that you can find in America.

I recently visited Fall City and I easily fell in love with Snoqualmie Valley. There are so many things to do near Snoqualmie Falls so make sure to consider it for your next holiday trip.