Embellish Your Home With Stylish Ivory Rugs

Ivory rugs are those rugs which are basically made of tusks means, by the teeth of elephant. It is the material of white color. They are beautifully designed. Now-a-days the use of ivory rugs is getting common in many houses. The reason is the beauty that adds to the view and look of the houses. You can shop online ivory rugs very easily.

LAUREN JUHL has a collection of these 11 awesome rugs at http://www.bhg.com:

11 Rugs for a One-Step Room Renovation

Lauren Juhl

Adirondack Ivory and Silver Rug

This incredible rug will do wonders for any room because it complements a variety of interior design styles. The neutral palette creates a modern feel while the vintage-inspired motif exudes elegance. The 8′ x 10′ rug is a durable accent piece that will finish off your space with ease.

Safavieh Adirondack Ivory and Silver Rug

Price: $173.37

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Why ivory rugs?

Ivory rugs are preferred because of their following features:

• They are very thick. The texture used in it is ultra soft.
• Best choice for entertaining. Comfortable for stretching out so you can watch T.V.
• They are available in various colors which enhances its elegance.
• They are very durable and long lasting. These rugs can be used in dining room, bedroom or office etc.

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Derby Days: Saddle Up in Style with These 10 Equestrian-Inspired Rooms

By: Sarah Beaumont May 7, 2016

On the first Saturday of May, the city of Louisville hosts its biggest event of the year, the Kentucky Derby. This fine American tradition can pretty much be summed up by two things: large, elaborate hats and an excessive downpour of mint juleps. And if that dose of Southern style isn’t inspiring enough, it all sets the stage for what’s dubbed “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.”

Once those two minutes are over, we can’t help but want to strap on some riding boots and add a serious dose of equestrian style at home. So we’re calling you to the post with ten equine interiors that will have you singing “My Old Kentucky Home.”

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Benefits of ivory rugs:

• Source of reducing noises:
Rugs especially ivory rugs helps in the reduction of noises that is mainly caused by the sound system or the T.V. These will absorb noises and provide with a peaceful environment.

Watch this video by The Home Depot and see some awesome ivory area rug:

• Provides comfort:
It is not useless to say that the rugs are the source of providing relaxation. Ivory rugs are very soft. These rugs will provide you with complete warmth and tenderness. Ivory area rugs transform the look of the house.